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The department of Civil Engineering made its beginning with the establishment of the college. It offers a 4 years (8 Semesters) B.Tech. course (with an intake of 60 students and 12 Lateral students). The department is also engaged in guiding candidates leading to the Ph.D. degree in Engineering by research.

The department has an illustrious list of faculty who publish technical papers regularly in various national and international journals.

The department is engaged in conducting Short-term courses for the benefit of Civil engineers and takes up Consultancy work in Soil Testing, Material Testing and Water Analysis

Cinque Terre

Welcome you all in the department of Civil Engineering bearing the social responsibility of paramount importance. As Civil Engineering being one of the core and most fundamental engineering branches which is fully dedicated to the teaching-learning philosophy of the Foundation. We take it as our moral and social responsibility to imbibe the state of the art technological information to be forwarded to the students of Civil Engineering. In the modern world of construction we witness every day as a day of new construction method, material and skill due to the continuous developments and technological advancements in the field. Therefore a bridge must be put in place in proper manner to fill the gap between learning and implementation. A highly qualified and experienced group of faculty members in this department are on their toes to accomplish the need of the department and society at large.

I, from the desk of HOD of Civil Engineering take this opportunity to invite the best talent to fulfill our mission and vision at the outset.

Dr. Suman Koner

HOD & Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Cooch Behar Government Engineering College

Faculty Member & Technical Assistant

Photo Faculty Name Experience(in Years) Designation Qualification Specialization
Cinque Terre Dr. Suman Koner 18 Associate Professor BE, ME, PHD Environment
Cinque Terre BIREN GURUNG 9 years Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech Structure
Cinque Terre Dr. Kingshuk Dan 8 Years Assistant Professor B.E., M.E., Ph.D Soil mechanics, Highway and Transportation engineering
Cinque Terre MD ASIF SK 4 years Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.E. Water Resources Engineering, Hydraulic Structures
Cinque Terre SHYAMAL GHOSH Teaching : 1 year, Research: 3 years Assistant Professor Ph D (pursuing), M. E (Structural Engineering) BESU, B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) JGEC Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Reliability Analysis, Structural Engineering, Finite Element Analysis
Sl. No. Laboratory Name
1 Basic Electronics Lab This lab is equiped with all the instrument that is required according to MAKAUT Syllabus
2 Solid State Lab This labs are under progress
3 Analog Electronics Lab
4 EM Theory & Tx Lines Lab
5 Digital Electronic & Integrated Circuits Lab
Sl. No. Semester Download
1 1st & 2nd semester Download
2 3rd semester Download
3 4th semester Download
4 5th semester Download
5 6th semester Download
6 7th semester Download
7 8th semester Download
Sl. No. Details Year of Publication
Publication of Dr. Sudip Kumar Adhikari
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Applied soft computing 34, 758-769
2 A spatial fuzzy c-means algorithm with application to mri image segmentation
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Advances in Pattern Recognition (ICAPR), 2015 Eighth International ..
3 Segmentation of MRI brain images by incorporating intensity inhomogeneity and spatial information using probabilistic fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm
SK Adhikari, JK Sing, DK Basu, M Nasipuri, PK Saha
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4 A modified fuzzy C-means algorithm using scale control spatial information for MRI image segmentation in the presence of noise
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Journal of Chemometrics 29 (9), 492-505
5 A nonparametric method for intensity inhomogeneity correction in MRI brain images by fusion of Gaussian surfaces
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Signal, Image and Video Processing 9 (8), 1945-1954
6 Conditional Spatial Fuzzy C-means Clustering Algorithm with Application in MRI Image Segmentation
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Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications, 539-547
7 On estimation of bias field in MRI images: polynomial vs Gaussian surface fitting method
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9 Bias field estimation and segmentation of MRI images using a Spatial Fuzzy C-means algorithm
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